Middle-end headset in China Voice

Now the enthusiasts are already crazy about the headphones. The middle end headphones of hundreds of yuan are already unable to satisfy their taste. The 1000 yuan earphone products are also some introductory products for them, but it really needs a 1000 yuan ear machine to show the identity and status of the enthusiast. And for some friends who are not very feverish, they don’t have to pursue the pace of the extreme enthusiasts, but the earphones do not need to be extravagant, and the middle headphones can also bring us a good voice.

Although it is a medium – end headphone product, but if you are not an extremely feverish user, the voice can be very good to meet the needs of the friends, in appearance can also be able to catch the eye of the people. It can be said that the sound and appearance of the middle end earphone have a very good performance. In addition to the sound performance and design of the sound, the headphones in the middle end have a good performance in their price. It is not as easy as the high-end headphones. It is easier to accept, and in all aspects it is more than a little bit higher than the introductory earphones, so the middle and end level. Headphones are not the most enthusiastic users and their favorite users of voice.

But in the end how should choose the headset has become a problem of friends, is not the price in the end, they must be in the end? It is not the case, in the end choose headset also have laws and experience, and how to find an awesome middle ear machine? This is not able to explain in a few words White, so we have recommended a few middle – end headphones directly for our friends. These headphones, both in appearance, in sound, and in their prices, are very good at the middle end. Let’s see what these medium earphones have.

Headset without noise is your best choice

For one of the most popular digital products, headphones are attracting more and more attention from ordinary users. As the MP3, MP4, tablet, cell phone and other terminal equipment quickly improve the multimedia performance, a good headset can improve the sound quality of the equipment, the user will be more happy. Just stay at the level of “can make sound”. Above two points, earphone products are becoming more and more popular.

According to the different energy exchange principle, connection mode and even wearing mode, the headset may be divided into headphone, ear plug, ear plug, movable earphone, moving coil headset, electrostatic headset, rear hanger headset, ear hanger headset, and so on. And now the headphones we’re talking about are functionally divided: noise headphones, a type of headset relative to non noise headphones.

A headset is a headset that can eliminate noise. Through algorithm or physical principle, noise reduction headphones can achieve noise isolation into the ear canal, so as to achieve a more quiet listening environment. The appearance of noise – reducing headphones provides a better solution for noise – interfering users, so noise – reducing headphones are necessary in a small group of groups. With the continuous improvement of users’ personal privacy requirements, the users of noise cancelling headphones are gradually expanding.

Tips on buying headphones in summer

In the hot summer, for people who are sweaty, wearing earphones in this kind of weather will be sweaty for a few minutes, and suddenly it becomes muggy near their ears. And this problem is also a long time, there is always a lot of friends will start to complain about the problem, and discuss the solution, but many times are no fruit and end, this time in the summer, I also chat with the Internet users how to wear the headphones how to deal with this problem.

Headphones are a serious disaster area for this problem, especially large earphones designed with Bauer type. People who feel muggy should not be in the minority when they are used. This type of headset, which is wrapped around the whole ear during the wear, hinders the circulation of the air. In the summer, it becomes a very “fatal” problem, with the ear attached. The temperature near is easy to rise, and sweat is not easily evaporated. In addition, the portable ear sticking earphones also have such problems in the hot summer season. The ear pads close to the auricle also cause muggy sweat.

The best way to solve the problem is not to use headphones in the summer, but it is obviously impossible for those who have a job or other factors to use. Since the cause of muggy sweating is because the air is not circulated, so long as the air in the vicinity of the ear is accelerated to improve the circulation, the main means is to improve the air circulation through the material of the ear mat, each of the different materials has different performance.

Select suitable earphones in winter

Many of the winters have the fastest and most sacrifices for the earplug products of the burning friends. The cold weather makes the wire rod more prone to problems. In the cold outside, the wire is too long, the wire is too fragile, the ear plug is the same as the wire, it is also easy to freeze out in winter, and the earplug product is in it. There is not much warmth in cold weather. Friends can give their earplugs a small holiday in winter.

And how should we choose a headset for listening to music in winter, how to maintain the earphones in winter, what problems should be paid attention to when the winter earphone products are worn, which are easy to be ignored by many friends in our daily life, this time we will give a brief introduction to our friends. In the winter, you have to buy earphones and friends!

Sometimes the cold is not so terrible, a warm person’s heart music, a classic old song can let friends feel the warmth of the winter, in order to better retain and maintain this warm, let us look at today’s cold weather in our choice of earphones is easy. The problems that are ignored!

How to choose a sports headset

Friends who like to run and listen to music must have heard about the stethoscope effect. The effect of the stethoscope is that the ear plug line or the unit is affected by the external collision or air friction, and the vibration produced by the ear plug line is transferred directly into the ear canal through the earplug line to produce a very unpleasant sound of friction.

In short, when running, the earphone is rubbed and collided, and the noise is transmitted along the earphone line into the ear canal, affecting the experience. How to reduce the unpleasant effect of stethoscope effect?

When running, the effect of the earphone stethoscope mainly comes from the friction between the earphone line and the clothes, so the shorter Bluetooth headset has the advantage of reducing the stethoscope effect. In addition, the Bluetooth headset mostly uses the rear or back data lines to reduce the headphone sloshing in front of the chest to make the line stable, to a great extent, to solve the stethoscope effect from the source. So if you want to be disturbed by running noise, the Bluetooth headset is the first choice.

The professional listener in the movie is cool

Speaking of listening headphones, it’s not so complicated to explain the parameters and obscure theories. In a simple way, the earphones are for the wearer to hear more real, completely unmodified sounds. Just like HiFi headphones make you feel that the voice is a colorful oil painting, then listening to the headphones gives you a simple sketch.

Listening headphones are also mostly used in the field of professional monitoring, such as recording, broadcasting, performance, conferences, and DJ, and so on. According to different use scenes, different types of monitor earphones are equipped. The different use of the scene also marks the difference in the monitor earphones. Therefore, generally speaking, listening to the headset does not necessarily need to be super strong. Sound and dye ability, but must have a strong ability to restore.

So in many movies, the earphones that you can see are mainly listening to the earphones, listening to the earphones with a wide frequency response and ensuring that the overall distortion is small. Like the headphones selected by the DJ in the noisy environment, the headphones are generally the monitoring headphones, and the sound insulation is excellent to avoid the noise. The influence of a mixed environment, and the clarity and rhythm of the sound must be well controlled. If the headset is to listen to pop music, it may make the listener feel very inadequate, even in the ranks of the garbage, which is like the best use of the environment to monitor the earphones. The maximum energy.

Four tips on choosing a good bluetooth headset

The most common use of Bluetooth headphones is commuting or traveling on the road, or when moving, the time is generally not short, so it is very important to choose a comfortable Bluetooth headset. It is very important to look at the design of the human body. It is based on the shape of the ear and the ear film to design the appearance of the Bluetooth. I don’t feel tired for a long time.

Sound quality is not only limited to music playing, but also can affect the quality of call. We buy Bluetooth headphones for a good Bluetooth headset, see if it is an active noise reduction function, active noise reduction function for sound quality also has a promotion, it can let users in a noisy environment more clearly heard communication sound, which is very important for more business people.

For many sports people, we must pay attention to choosing a Bluetooth headset that can prevent the whole machine from water and sweat. In this way, you need not worry when you sweat when you exercise. Ordinary earphones are not allowed to touch water. They are not recommended for use during exercise. They are easy to break. After sweat, it is easy to breed bacteria and affect health.

How to select a Bluetooth headset

From the current trend of mobile phone development, eliminating the headphone hole is the trend of the times, so we must choose a suitable Bluetooth headset for future use. Many small white do not know what problems to pay attention to when buying Bluetooth headphones. Today, we will give you a popular science.

Many people buy electronic products. They only look at brands. They believe that foreign products are a little bit foreign. In fact, the sound style of expensive headphones may not suit your taste, its structure may not be suitable for your ears, and many times to try to know, the domestic headset technology is already very mature, many of those foreign big brands are looking for the Pearl River Delta, the moon is not more round.

There are still many people who like the explosion of Internet, the headphones and headphones. These headphones are often expensive and close to 1000 yuan. Some fake and fake products on the market are mostly from Shanzhai small factories, and their workshop production has no quality guarantee. Some of the common peddlers hawk the cheap headphones of 10-20 yuan, mixed with the high imitating domestic and foreign brands, and let the vain consumers want to buy. The headphones are of poor quality and are pirated products. They are not recommended for sale.

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