Tips on buying headphones in summer

In the hot summer, for people who are sweaty, wearing earphones in this kind of weather will be sweaty for a few minutes, and suddenly it becomes muggy near their ears. And this problem is also a long time, there is always a lot of friends will start to complain about the problem, and discuss the solution, but many times are no fruit and end, this time in the summer, I also chat with the Internet users how to wear the headphones how to deal with this problem.

Headphones are a serious disaster area for this problem, especially large earphones designed with Bauer type. People who feel muggy should not be in the minority when they are used. This type of headset, which is wrapped around the whole ear during the wear, hinders the circulation of the air. In the summer, it becomes a very “fatal” problem, with the ear attached. The temperature near is easy to rise, and sweat is not easily evaporated. In addition, the portable ear sticking earphones also have such problems in the hot summer season. The ear pads close to the auricle also cause muggy sweat.

The best way to solve the problem is not to use headphones in the summer, but it is obviously impossible for those who have a job or other factors to use. Since the cause of muggy sweating is because the air is not circulated, so long as the air in the vicinity of the ear is accelerated to improve the circulation, the main means is to improve the air circulation through the material of the ear mat, each of the different materials has different performance.

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