The professional listener in the movie is cool

Speaking of listening headphones, it’s not so complicated to explain the parameters and obscure theories. In a simple way, the earphones are for the wearer to hear more real, completely unmodified sounds. Just like HiFi headphones make you feel that the voice is a colorful oil painting, then listening to the headphones gives you a simple sketch.

Listening headphones are also mostly used in the field of professional monitoring, such as recording, broadcasting, performance, conferences, and DJ, and so on. According to different use scenes, different types of monitor earphones are equipped. The different use of the scene also marks the difference in the monitor earphones. Therefore, generally speaking, listening to the headset does not necessarily need to be super strong. Sound and dye ability, but must have a strong ability to restore.

So in many movies, the earphones that you can see are mainly listening to the earphones, listening to the earphones with a wide frequency response and ensuring that the overall distortion is small. Like the headphones selected by the DJ in the noisy environment, the headphones are generally the monitoring headphones, and the sound insulation is excellent to avoid the noise. The influence of a mixed environment, and the clarity and rhythm of the sound must be well controlled. If the headset is to listen to pop music, it may make the listener feel very inadequate, even in the ranks of the garbage, which is like the best use of the environment to monitor the earphones. The maximum energy.