How to choose a sports headset

Friends who like to run and listen to music must have heard about the stethoscope effect. The effect of the stethoscope is that the ear plug line or the unit is affected by the external collision or air friction, and the vibration produced by the ear plug line is transferred directly into the ear canal through the earplug line to produce a very unpleasant sound of friction.

In short, when running, the earphone is rubbed and collided, and the noise is transmitted along the earphone line into the ear canal, affecting the experience. How to reduce the unpleasant effect of stethoscope effect?

When running, the effect of the earphone stethoscope mainly comes from the friction between the earphone line and the clothes, so the shorter Bluetooth headset has the advantage of reducing the stethoscope effect. In addition, the Bluetooth headset mostly uses the rear or back data lines to reduce the headphone sloshing in front of the chest to make the line stable, to a great extent, to solve the stethoscope effect from the source. So if you want to be disturbed by running noise, the Bluetooth headset is the first choice.

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